Allerton Medical Centre

Westfield Medical Centre

How we’re working at the moment

Since Coronavirus arrived it’s been difficult for many people and we appreciate that the changes to our Practices have been confusing for some. We’ve needed to react to rapidly-changing guidance to provide care for as many people as possible while still operating safely for patients and staff. It feels like now we’ve reached a more stable situation so we wanted to let you know how things are working in the Practices at the moment.


Allerton and Westfield now have a single phone system. You can contact us on the same number as you’ve always used but we have a bigger team staffing the phones across the two sites. This means we can cope better with staff absences and should mean you don’t have to wait as long. Staff have access to records for both sites and can book appointments and deal with queries as before. Phone lines will be open from 8.00 am daily. You can of course submit an e-consult at any time, which remains the preferred option unless your symptoms require prompt, same day review.


We have changed our appointment structure so that we can care for more people with chronic or long-term health conditions who need regular reviews. On-the-day GP appointments are only available to people who are acutely unwell and at high risk of hospital admission, otherwise you will be offered the next available appointment or given information about other appropriate services.

We still have reduced capacity for face-to-face appointments because we need to change PPE and thoroughly clean after each patient. Staffing levels are often lower due to staff illness or isolation.

The easiest way to request an appointment is by completing an e-consult on our website, which is available at any time. This will help us to support patients on the phone who may have difficulty with online access.

All doctors’ appointments are still over the phone to start with. If the doctor needs to see you they may use video calling or ask you to come down to the surgery. Patient support staff can’t book anyone in for a face-to-face appointment with a GP.

The nursing team are offering a mixture of telephone and face-to-face appointments (for contraception, childhood immunisations, blood tests, travel vaccinations and reviews for people with long-term conditions)​.

Visiting the Practices

Please wear a face covering when attending the Practices. If you develop any symptoms of fever, new cough or a loss of taste/smell, please do not attend any face-to-face appointment. You will be rebooked for a time when you are well again.