Allerton Medical Centre

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About our PPG

The Allerton Medical Centre Patient Participation Group exists to promote co-operation between patients and staff to the benefit of both and to support the practice to provide a high quality of care and service delivery.

We meet quarterly in the practice to discuss a wide range of topics that concern us as patients and staff. These topics range from practice-specific issues to broader topics concerning the NHS that may be relevant across Leeds.

We feel that patients will benefit through:

  • The opportunity to recommend improvements and to raise issues which can lead to action
  • A better awareness of how their practice operates
  • A better understanding of the role and workload of a GP and practice staff
  • Being enabled to look after their own and their family’s health.

GPs and practice staff will benefit through:

  • Improved communication with patients
  • The potential for a more mutually respectful relationship
  • Increased patient participation and the support of the practice’s aims & objectives.

The group works with the practice but is independent from it.

Patient Group Terms of Reference

If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Lindsay Gollin, Business Manager for more information.