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About our PPG

The Allerton Medical Centre Patient Participation Group exists to promote co-operation between patients and staff to the benefit of both and to support the practice to provide a high quality of care and service delivery.

We meet quarterly in the practice to discuss a wide range of topics that concern us as patients and staff. These topics range from practice-specific issues to broader topics concerning the NHS that may be relevant across Leeds.

We feel that patients will benefit through:

  • The opportunity to recommend improvements and to raise issues which can lead to action
  • A better awareness of how their practice operates
  • A better understanding of the role and workload of a GP and practice staff
  • Being enabled to look after their own and their family’s health.

GPs and practice staff will benefit through:

  • Improved communication with patients
  • The potential for a more mutually respectful relationship
  • Increased patient participation and the support of the practice’s aims & objectives.

The group works with the practice but is independent from it.

Patient Group Terms of Reference: currently under redraft.

If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Ivan, Data & Performance Manager for more information, or apply below:


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Date published: 6th March, 2020
Date last updated: 13th March, 2024