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Vaccination of children and young people in specific groups

You may have seen the news that the NHS is going to vaccinate children and young people in specific groups, following advice from the JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation).
The groups that are eligible for the vaccination are:
  • 17-year-olds that are within 3 months of turning 18
  • 12-15-year-olds ‘at risk’ with following underlying health conditions : severe neuro-disabilities; Down’s Syndrome; underlying conditions resulting in immunosuppression and those with profound and multiple learning disabilities, severe learning disabilities or who are on the learning disability register
  • Children aged 12 years and older who are household contacts of individuals (adults or children) who are immunosuppressed (this is in addition to 16-17 year-olds in this group, who became eligible earlier in the year)

These groups have been selected based on a combination of factors including their risk of getting seriously ill from coronavirus, passing it to others who may become seriously ill, and evidence of safety and effectiveness. Parents or guardians of children aged 12-15 and in one of the eligible groups will be contacted by early September to invite them to book appointments for the vaccination. Young people within 3 months of turning 18 will be invited directly to book appointments via the national booking service at the appropriate time.