Allerton Medical Centre

0113 295 3460

Westfield Medical Centre

0113 467 9744

Alyson Taylor

– Adult Nurse Dip Asthma, Dip COPD. Alyson works on a Friday. Respiratory nurse specialist, sexual health checks, cytology and vaccinations.

Eli Taylor

Eli works on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.  She sees patients for vaccinations and immunisations, smears, sexual health checks, cardiovascular health checks, dressings and ECGs.

Ruth Drimer

Adult nurse, Dip Diabetes. Ruth works on Weds & Thurs, usually at Westfield. She sees patients for vaccinations and wound care and is a wound care and diabetes specialist.

Charlotte Grundy

BSc hon, Adult Nursing; Dip Asthma; Dip Diabetes; Dip COPD Charlotte is the Lead Practice Nurse across both sites and works Mon-Fri. She sees patients for Long Term Conditions reviews … [continue] Charlotte Grundy