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We recommend booking your appointment for travel vaccinations as soon as you know that you will be going abroad. The vaccines you are likely to need last for a significant period of time (often 3 or more years) and therefore there is no need to wait until close to your travel date. Please contact us at least 8 weeks before your date of departure. Some vaccinations need to be given in advance to ensure that you are protected by the time that you travel.

Our travel appointments book up very quickly and if we are unable to offer you an appointment for a week or two when you call us, then there may be a risk that you are not vaccinated within the recommended timescale.

It is also worth bearing in mind that these are the only travel vaccines offered via the NHS –

If your travel plans require additional vaccinations, then you will also need to visit a private clinic. Private clinics are offered at Woodhouse Medical Practice or other providers such as Boots and it is your choice as to which you attend. You may wish to consider this possible need for more than one appointment in your time planning and budgeting before you travel.

Once you have made an appointment, you may be asked to complete a travel consultation form before you see the nurse.

Preparing for travel abroad is not as simple as just getting a few injections. Our practice nurse will work with you to identify any possible risks to your health while you are travelling depending on your itinerary, your holiday activities and your own health history. You will then receive guidance with regards to any lifestyle precautions you might wish to consider as well as any recommended medication. This means travel appointments can take up to half an hour to complete.

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Date published: 6th March, 2020
Date last updated: 9th September, 2022