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Psychological Wellbeing & Diabetes Course – 6 week online course run by Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service

Event starts 15th Apr 2021 10:00am

Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust – Psychological Wellbeing & Diabetes

Course Overview

Being human can feel really difficult at times; sometimes this might be occasional days or in specific situations, but sometimes we can struggle for prolonged periods of time, and it feels like it is never ending. Receiving a diagnosis or living with Diabetes can be an additional stressor that makes life even harder; and therefore, puts further strain on psychological wellbeing.

Everyone’s experience of life is unique to them, in the same way that living with Diabetes is a unique experience. However, we can say that the experience of being human and the emotions we feel are often similar; and we can use evidence-based information and techniques to start to manage the difficult emotions in an individualized way.

The Sessions

  • Week one: Introduction to Diabetes and Psychological Wellbeing
  • Week two: Physical Symptoms and Relaxation
  • Week three: Behavior and Motivation
  • Week four: Worry and Rumination
  • ​Week five: Identifying and Challenging Thoughts
  • Week six: How to maintain change and manage setbacks