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The Leeds Directory is an online source of information about a range of local community care and support services, activities and events that support people to live the life they want to live. There are over 1,500 organisations and services that may assist and support you or a loved one in a variety of ways to live more independently. For example, services to help maintain the home and garden or equipment and technology that can be used around the home to help with daily living tasks like cooking or getting washed and dressed. Organisations providing services around the home and garden, or one-to-one support are checked and vetted for peace of mind. These providers are marked with a Green Tick. The star ratings and reviews allow people to write comments on their experiences of services they have received and also find out what others think. All ratings and reviews are checked before publishing and a minimum of 10 percent of reviews are checked for authenticity.

As well as the website, you can also speak to members of the team over the phone on 0113 378 4610 weekdays 9am to 5pm and they can send out printed information too.

The Leeds Directory is a Leeds City Council funded service.

Date published: 20th August, 2020
Date last updated: 20th August, 2020