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DWP supporting reports/letters – PIP/ESA

There is no contractual requirement for GPs to supply supporting statements and there is no resource available for GPs to do so.  We have seen a sharp increase in demand for such statements and this is now taking significant time away from direct patient care. The DWP has a statutory obligation to ask for all of the necessary medical information when it is required. Duplicating this information is not beneficial to anyone.

We have also found that the letters of support we do write do not have any effect on the final decision made by the DWP or the courts.

Therefore, the doctors at Allerton & Westfield Medical Centre will no longer provide any supporting letters for PIP or appeal for change in benefits.

There are many sources of support for building a case to submit or appeal to the DWP.

We can support you by providing access to your medical records including hospital letters.

We can provide you with online access so that you can download and share anything that you need.

If you require paper copies of consultants’ letters from your medical as additional evidence, we are happy to supply these. We can also supply full records in response to a subject access request within 30 days.

If you have been asked by any agency to obtain a supporting letter from your GP, a copy of this statement is available from Reception or below for you to download and pass to that agency.

Statement re supporting letters for PIP etc… for download Oct 2022

Supporting Statements PIP Oct 2022


Date published: 14th October, 2022
Date last updated: 14th October, 2022