Allerton Medical Centre

Westfield Medical Centre

Loss of phones and computers: Thurs 24 Nov & Fri 26 Nov.

We experienced a full network outage in the early hours of Thursday 24 November which meant we had little or no ability to answer the phones or access our clinical systems when we arrived to open the buildings.

Over the course of the morning we were able to establish connections to two telephone lines at Allerton but did not manage to gain access to the clinical systems until after lunch. We have been unable to restore connection at the Westfield site at all. We have been told by BT that the earliest expected deadline for resumption of service is the end of Friday 25 November.

We have had to close the site at Westfield for the day on Friday 25 November. All patients with booked appointments will be seen at the Allerton site and we have already tried to contact them all directly.  We are prioritising all repeat prescribing and medication requests to catch up before the weekend.

It has been an extraordinarily challenging day and we would like to thank everyone for their understanding and patience.