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COVID-19 vaccine

You will have seen on the news that the NHS is preparing to roll out a vaccination programme for COVID-19. At this stage there is currently only one approved vaccine. The remaining vaccines are currently going through a strict process of clinical trials and safety checks. We are working with other NHS providers, and our healthcare partners, so that we are ready to offer the vaccine as soon as it becomes available to us in Leeds. Vaccines will be offered from a number of different locations in Leeds to make sure everyone who needs a vaccine is able to get one. We will share these details with you as soon as we know more but it is likely that we will be working with other local practices to offer clinics at one central location. For information about who will be offered a vaccine, please see the guidance from the Joint Committee for Vaccinations and Immunisations.
Please could we kindly ask you to avoid calling the practice for information about the vaccine as we cannot provide any further details or book anyone in for an appointment to receive a vaccine yet. We are experiencing high call volumes currently, calling for the vaccine may stop someone who needs urgent medical help getting through to us.