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Removal of patients from practice list

There may be circumstances when it would be considered reasonable, or in the best interests of the patient, to remove patients from our list. This page gives a summary of the practice guidelines for removal of a patient from the practice list and how ensure that any concerns about removing patients from the list are dealt with fairly. A detailed policy is available from the Business Manager for anyone who would like a copy.

A patient can be removed from the practice list without warning if they have displayed violent, abusive or threatening behaviour towards a GP or any other member of staff.
A patient can also be removed if it is proved that they have engaged in fraud or deception to obtain services.

Other reasons for removing a patient from the list include:

  • Where a patient has moved out of the practice boundary (in cases where it is impractical for the patient to remain registered at the surgery).
  • Where a patient has moved abroad for a period of 3 months or more.
  • Failure to attend pre-booked appointments on a number of occasions during a given period.
  • Irretrievable breakdown of the Doctor/Nurse-Patient relationship.
  • Where a patient’s behaviour falls outside of that which is normally considered reasonable and leads to an irretrievable breakdown of the doctor-patient relationship

In cases where immediate removal is not appropriate, a warning letter will be sent and every effort made to reach a mutually satisfactory solution before any final decision is taken to remove the patient from the list.

Patients will not be removed for the following reason:

  • making a complaint or for questioning clinical techniques, safety measures or other practice matters.
  • refusing to take part in national or local screening programmes
  • non-compliance with health advice given by the GP

Date published: 10th August, 2020
Date last updated: 22nd May, 2024